Industrial Heat Exchanger
Reconditioning and repairing


Heat exchanger components do not all respond the same way to different operational conditions. For example, in many cases the tube bundle and the tubesheet are damaged while the shell and flanges are still in great condition. In such cases, the damaged parts are simply replaced by new ones. In situations involving reconditioning, Caron et fils verifies the state of all components to ensure that the customer's exchanger is returned to its original state.

In many cases, recommendations will be made regarding the possibility of replacing materials, configuration or any other aspect of the exchanger that would increase its useful life. In these cases, Caron et fils makes sure that all minimal requirements relating to the heat exchanger, as defined at the time of original conception, are respected.

Reconditioning services include:

  • Complete or partial re-tubing of the exchanger
  • Replacement of tubesheets
  • Reconstruction of heads and flanges
  • Moving of inlet and outlet nozzles

Industrial Heat Exchanger Repair

Repairing is a simplified form of reconditioning in which components are not replaced but rather fixed on the spot. For example, if a tube is pierced or damaged, soldering repairs it. It is also possible to block a pierced tube. The purpose of simple repairing is not to return a heat exchanger to its original state but rather to minimize work interruption in plants or other working areas.

Industrial Heat Exchanger Repair